Area business stakes claim to being the first and only

CANFIELD – Being the first and only doesn’t last long these days.

But for now, Lissa Bell, owner of Lissa’s Naturals, a holistic skin care and wellness company, is just that.

She is the first and only licensed managing esthetician skin care therapist in the area.

Bell was recently certified by the Institute for Skin Sciences in transdermal infusion (TDI). It is a private medical association based in Naples, Florida.

“Not only am I a skin care therapist, but I’m a natural skin care therapist,” said Bell from her office in the Pharmacy Care building at 11 E. Main St. on the green in Canfield.

She said the emphasis on “natural” means she doesn’t use anything synthetic. Only natural or organic skin care treatments, she said explaining that the “skin absorbs everything … the molecule, if the molecules are synthetic and are small enough to be absorbed in the blood stream … the body doesn’t know what to do with them and being non-natural stores them and it can cause all kinds of serious problems because it takes awhile to build up.”

Before founding Lissa’s Naturals, she worked at Magnolia’s on the Green for just over two years and authored the book titled “The Care and Keeping of Sensitive Skin: A practical guide to holistic skin care.”

It includes a chapter on synthetic ingredients that people want to avoid and why.

Her credo is, “if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin,” she said explaining that the skin is “your body’s largest organ … everything you put on it is absorbed into it.

“Toxic chemicals can be stored in fatty tissue or organs such as the kidneys, breasts, ovaries and brain … that’s why I do what I do.”

The book is available on, Barnes &, Nook and on Kindle.

There are three basic steps to skin care: Cleaning, exfoliant and mask.

“First and foremost,” she said, “I make everything for each client’s skin care based on the type of skin they have and their specific needs.

The cleaning is self-explanatory, the exfoliant removes dead skin cells and the mask draws out debris out of the pores.

“I’ll mix custom cleaner and defoliant … it’s a natural skin care formula that can be made easily and quickly,” Bell said. Her services include aroma therapy as a relaxant which, she said, when the skin is relaxed it helps with the treatment.

Treatments are customized for each client ‘s needs with express facials costing $30 for 30 minutes; full facials, anywhere up to 90 minutes for $60 to $90 and body treatments ranging from $45 to $120 which includes exfoliation or body wrap for detoxification, skin tone or calming irritation or for deep hydration.

Bell uses clays, carriers and essential oils. The powdered clays are used in the masks, the essential oils, extracted from herbs and botanicals, are used in every stage of the facial while the carrier oils are base oils derived from a range of concentrated plants like avocados, olives and sunflowers.

“Everything is treated transdermally,” Bell said, adding that because they are potent, the oils are applied directly to the skin. Nothing is invasive, she said.

As a certified TDI technician, Bell employs a diagnostic tool that uses herbs and botanicals placed on 38 different points on the skin all over the body and “based on the absorption rate it can tell you what’s going on … if any of your body systems aren’t working as 100 percent,” she said. “I’m the first in the area to have this … it’s a diagnostic tool.”

A report is sent to the institute for skin sciences headed by Dr. Michael Tick “who prepares a three-month protocol for optimum wellness,” Bell explained and a treatment of Edimi-Medi facial enzymes, all developed by Dr. Tick that are “the only products on the market that go clear to the dermis.”

Bell has her own line of Lissa’s Naturals available at her clinic.

She is a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals, The National Coalition of Estheticians and the National Association for Professional Women.

She is available by appointment and can be reached at 330-402-1258.