The Electronics Depot plugged into offering variety of services

COLUMBIANA – Buy, sell and trade is the core business of The Electronics Depot at 8 Union St. But there are repairs too.

Opened in July, partners Keith Morrow and Jamey Johnson said they went from repairing game consoles and XBOXs in 2005 to fixing other electronic components like computers, laptop computers, flat-screen monitors, cell phones, Ipods, Tablets, guitar amps, and “pretty much anything electronic” but television sets.

“It went from there,” Morrow said. “We just kind of got into it-fixing other electronics.”

Morrow said they’ve mostly repaired laptops and game consoles -screens and buttons?-including all “vintage” game systems.

Johnson said they provide customers with free quotes on repair work.

“Bring it in,” Morrow said. “We have to see it and test it. There are so many things that could go wrong.”

It normally takes three to four days as far as laptop repairs. But the average turnaround is about a week and it’s all done in-house. “Depending on the repair or replacement,” Morrow said, noting if they don’t have to order the parts.

There is a 32-inch LG flat screen television in the showroom window with 15 connecting ports. Morrow said it is a couple of years old. It’s hard to tell, it looks brand new but the price tag says $169.99.

“We try to price our merchandise accordingly,” Morrow said, adding that customers also get the benefit of obtaining more information at the store. For example, there are Mac books at half price.

There is also a selection of cell phones and Ipods.

“Our phones here, the biggest advantage is buying a phone off the shelf without a contract for a lot less, “?Morrow said. “A bigger savings than you can in the commercial stores.”

The Electronics Depot has an in-store credit program for trades, Morrow explained.

“If we want to buy,” he said, “instead of maybe giving them $10 in cash, we’ll give them $15 in in-store credit.”

Morrow said the standard is about 20 percent more with the in-store credit program. “The bigger the item, the more you get.” But, he said, the hard part is “most people want top dollar” for their trade-ins.

The store has DVDs, power supplies, accessories for XBOXs, guitar amps and if they don’t have it in stock, it can be ordered, Morrow said.

Store hours are limited as both Johnson and Morrow work other jobs.

Hours are 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and from noon until 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Customers can use all major credit cards. For more information, call 330-831-4470 or email:

Also, visit The Electronics Depot at: