Fin Feather Fur Outfitters appoint VPs of operations

Tom Krebs

ASHLAND — Mike Goschinski, owner and president of Fin Feather Fur Outfitters, locally owned and operated outdoor hunting and sporting store, announced the appointment of Tom Krebs and Rees Vail to vice presidents of operations. Working as a team, they will have the primary responsibility of improving the day-to-day operations of the retail business including its efficiencies, inventory controls, educating buyers and making improvements to the new distribution center.

“Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we will strive to provide the best in customer satisfaction including inventory selections, pricing and Prostaffers who can provide the latest in product safety and performance,” said Vail.

Krebs, the first employee to be hired by Goschinski, has been with the company 30 years. He was previously responsible for the Ashland location and the distribution center. He managed the safe delivery crew and was involved with the purchasing of firearms, safes, black powder and decoys. Krebs played a critical role in the start of the Fin’s new computer hardware and software system. Krebs continues to improve his knowledge and skills of the industry by attending various industry and retail/marketing shows. “Working with our employees to provide them with a great work environment is a key factor in making a business successful. In this new position, I want to put an emphasis on the employee/customer relationships,” said Krebs.

Vail, employed by the Fin for over 15 years, has been instrumental in overseeing the opening, hiring, and training of over 120 employees for the Middleburg Heights, Canton, Boardman and Milan stores.

“Vail’s experience and his proven ability to manage people have been crucial to the success of the expansion of these retail locations,” said Goschinski.

Rees Vail

Vail also played an important role in helping to implement the new computer system throughout the company. He will take a lead role in helping to improve the work flow of the new distribution center and overseeing the regional manager of the four satellite retail locations.

Fin Feather Fur Outfitters was established in 1985 by Goschinski and has grown to include four satellite offices: Middleburg Heights, Canton, Boardman and Milan. This business focuses on outdoor sports such as hunting, archery, fishing and kayaking. The stores offer many of the top brand manufactures in firearms, bows, ammo, fishing gear, footwear and clothing. The Fin provides high quality products and great customer service that makes it easy and fun for consumers to shop there. More information is available at