Baseball group wants to bring power to field

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – Trustee approved the use of the township-owned baseball field on state Route 7 for the Crestview Baseball Association on Thursday.

The association has used it in the past and according to Jim Fitzgerald it has also put about $9,000 into it last year with a new shed and a concession stand.

Trustees approved the use with a 2-0 vote with Trustee Barry Miner an excused absence.

Trustees held off on action to a request for financial and/or in-kind assistance to the association to place electric power on the field.

The association had a quote from Ohio Edison for $10,583 to power it up while offering to contribute $6,349 on behalf of the company. Plans are for the power lines to be underground.

Fitzgerald said Ohio Edison would stake it out and “we would have to have it dug.”

Trustee Chairman Bob Hum asked about who pays the electric and the association said it was responsible for the meter.

Hum said, “Well, I’m definitely interested … (we) just have to get with all the trustees” adding, “it should be fairly safe to dig that.”

No action was taken and Hum commented that “when you drive around the city or the township all you see are ballfields. But there aren’t enough …”

In other business, trustees approved two purchase orders for the street department including $12,000 for road salt from Cargill De-icing Technologies and $8,000 to East Fairfield Coal Co. for limestone.

It also approved a spray-on bedliner for the new pickup for $650 at EM-R Tuff Bedliners in Columbiana.

Road Supervisor Melvin Miller said he received a bore permit request for a water line under Hatcher Road for a company working for Chesapeake Energy.

Hum said, “I want to read it and study it” and asked if Miller knew the exact location. Miller said it was close to a township line and close to Tim Yarian’s property.

Hum said with a minimum of five feet in depth “I’d like to go down there and look at it and see where it’s at” adding they could take action on the request at the next meeting after all the trustees have had the chance to inspect the site.

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