Crestview parent raises security questions

LISBON – One parent concerned about recent national events and school safety issues questioned the Crestview Board of Education Monday about the possibility of getting a security officer into the school.

Megan Neville asked the board if there was anything parents could do to help get security for the buildings, even offering to have fund-raisers in order to help the district offset the costs.

Neville had already spoken with Superintendent John Dilling, who reiterated his concerns about how much it would cost to provide a full-time person, about $50,000 per year in salary. Dilling said he did not want to hire someone and then have to lay them off soon after because of money issues.

Additionally, Dilling said there have been some movements nationally to consider how to help schools afford more security. In the past, there were grants to help put sheriff’s deputies inside the schools. But after two years, schools had to pay for the deputy themselves. Recently, the sheriff’s department has started sending someone to visit the schools to provide an increased presence. Dilling said a deputy has been there a couple of times in recent days. At this point, though, he said there are no plans being made by the board to provide full-time security at the buildings.

Neville again offered to get a group of parents together who would be willing to help raise the money needed to pay for someone to make the schools more secure.

“The parents should be able to at least look into raising the money,” she said.

Dilling offered he would rather see a long-term solution to security concerns instead of a band-aid just to get through the year.

In other matters before the board:

– The board approved Jessica Hall as a French substitute and both Evan Gottschalk and Moriah Placer for indoor drumline. Ashley Bartholomew and Lisa Campbell were moved to the higher pay scale.

– The board approved the advertisement of the lawn care and maintenance service contract for the upcoming warmer weather.

– The board approved a change order with Knight Athletics, resulting in a $3,600 savings for the new bleachers recently installed in the middle school gym. The savings was due to one less row being installed than originally bid, which makes the gym floor safer for the athletes by moving the seats back.

– In December, the district made the final payment on the stadium renovation project.