Green trustees eye fire station expansion

GREENFORD – Green Township trustees will discuss specifics for the fire station addition during a special meeting yet to be set, Trustee Chairman Mark Stepuk said Tuesday.

Last May, trustees wanted to see the drawings for the extension after it was proposed by Fire Chief Todd Baird.

The department wants to extend two bays that Baird said would make operations more efficient while providing a heated room to house the ambulance. There were also some drainage issues.

At the time, Trustee Dave Slagle asked about putting a station on the north side of the township but Baird said it would mean acquiring property and “we don’t have the money.”

During Tuesday’s meeting, Baird said he had contractors who were interested in doing portions of the work, like the heating and garage doors, but asked trustees for input.

“It’s in the ballpark now,” Baird said, adding the people he had spoken to would like to provide prices.

“I just have to get some firm prices,” he said.

Stepuk suggested that he “track that down and we’ll hold a meeting” on specifics at a special meeting.

Slagle said when a general contractor is selected, trustees can provide their specifications and Baird said he wanted to move on the project. No action was taken.

In other business, Zoning Officer Bill Pitts said there were two residents who received letters from Mill Creek Park, which owns property on which the bike trail will be built, advising them that surveying crews will begin taking readings in the next month or so. The trail will run alongside the railroad tracks.

The trail, which runs north and south, will continue six miles through the township and is currently stopped in Washingtonville at state Route 14 where the Ohio Department of Transportation plans to install an upgraded intersection this summer.

Trustees were unsure if the bike trail plans called for it to move across state Route 14 before or after the intersection is built.

On other zoning business, Pitts said the building permit summary for 2012 is available and so far there have bee none issued this year.

The zoning board of appeals will hold its reorganizational meeting at 7 p.m. on Jan. 29 in the administration building.

Trustees also approved a one-year maintenance agreement for the fire department’s Automated External Defibrillators. Fire Chief Todd Baird said it covers all the AEDs including two monitors and will cost $1,095. The township just purchased a new AED and Trustee George Toy asked if the units provided a warning before they went bad.

Baird said he didn’t know of any that did and explained they had to be tested once every six months to ensure they provided the maximum charge.

Slagle asked if the township had to pay for the repairs “on top of” the agreement and EMS Coordinator Debra Rogers said they did.

Baird said the new KME firetruck had been painted and may be ready before April 1 and “they’ll probably want us to pick it up.” The company is located in the east central Pennsylvania town of Nesquehoning.

Baird said the company just received a large order from the New York city fire department and won’t want the Greenford truck sitting there. The money will be due after April 1.

Also, Stepuk said the township received an illuminated sign proposal from Jenkins Signs in Youngstown with dimensions for one and two-sided signs. The sign, which will announce community events, was proposed by Toy last year.

Pitts said that Watchfire “is supposed to be the brand” and Jenkins had the best warranty package and suggested the township might consider purchasing insurance in case of an automobile accident.

No action was taken.

Recycling coordinator Janet Schaffer said the Christmas tree recycle program will conclude at the end of the month and another battery container was placed at the site.

Stepuk said trustees will look into purchasing a digital scale that will weigh up to 100 pounds in batteries for the center.

During the reorganizational meeting, Stepuk was re-elected chairman for 2013 while Slagle was elected vice chairman. All the other employees were reappointed.

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