OVI arrest turns into suicide attempt

LISBON – A man stopped for speeding tried twice to commit suicide early Saturday morning at the Ohio State Highway Patrol barracks here.

A release Sunday from the local post reported that William H. Hutchins, 23, was stopped for speeding on state Route 7 and was additionally charged with OVI. He was transported to the barracks for a breath test.

While shackled on the bench in the breathalyzer room, Hutchins reportedly tried to strangle himself with the drawstring from the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing, but Trooper Nicholas Cayton forcibly removed the string from Hutchins.

Sgt. Todd McDonald called for an ambulance and, again, Hutchins tried to strangle himself, the second attempt using the drawstring from his sweatpants, which was cut by McDonald using a pocket knife.

According to the patrol, Hutchins stated three times during these attempts he wanted to end his life, citing personal troubles.

Hutchins was not injured but was transported to East Liverpool City Hospital by KLG ambulance and committed for a mental evaluation, the patrol reported.

No address for Hutchins was available at the post on Sunday.