Perry trustees look at political sign, fence rules

PERRY TWP. – Trustees will be looking at changing zoning regulations regarding political signs and fixing some zoning language regarding fence placement.

A joint meeting of the Zoning Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals will be scheduled to address the zoning regulation changes.

Trustee Don Kendrick explained Monday that the township regulations currently prohibit putting up political signs prior to 30 days before an election, but they’re considering extending the time period due to the early voting in place now.

As for the fences, Kendrick said they need to fix the language regarding fences in R1A, residential, sewer and water district. In the other districts, the language correctly requires a fence to be installed at least 1 foot inside the property line. In R1A, the language says a fence can be installed on the property line.

In other zoning business, Kendrick announced the township issued 38 building permits in 2012.

The trustees reorganized for the year, with Trustee Cliff Mix re-elected as chairman of the board and Trustee Don Rudibaugh selected as vice chairman. Mark Finamore was named as outside legal counsel for a fee of $100 per hour on an as needed basis, with no retainer fee.

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