Solid Waste District utilizing single stream method

LISBON – Tired of separating cardboard and other paper products from cans and bottles when disposing of them at one of the drop-off recycling sites in Columbiana County?

Starting Feb. 1, all recyclable materials can be mixed together when disposed of at one of the drop-off sites in the county because of a change in policy being implemented by the Solid Waste District that represents Columbiana, Carroll and Harrison counties.

“We’re going with what we call a single stream system,” said district Director Chris Jacobs. “You won’t need to separate your recyclables anymore.”

The change is being made for two reasons. First, it is more work for the company that operates the disposal sites for the district to have the recyclable materials disposed of in separate containers, and eliminating the practice is supposed to reduce the number of trips the company must make to the sites to empty the containers.

Jacobs said they hope making all containers available to accept any materials will greatly reduce the problem of overflowing bins and the practice of leaving excess materials on the ground next to full containers.

In addition of going to a single-stream policy, Jacobs said the district board purchased new and larger containers for the four heaviest-used sites -located in Salem, Columbiana, East Palestine and Lisbon – to reduce the overflow problems at those sites. In addition to being larger, the containers at these sites will have sliding side doors to gain easier access.

Jacobs reminded the public to flatten cardboard boxes prior to disposal to save space in the containers. “All it takes is about 10 unflattened boxes to fill a container to the point where no one else can use it,” he said.

The district’s voluntary recycling program consists of 30 permanent disposal sites spread around the county. Approximately 6.4 million pounds of recyclable materials were disposed at these sites in 2012 – a 21 percent increase over the 5.3 million pound collected the year before.

The increase from 2010 to 2011 was only 2 percent. Jacobs attributed the huge jump in 2012 to increased advertising and public education about the availability of the disposal sites, plus continued expansion of the types of materials that are being accepted.

For more information about the recycling program go to or call Jacobs at 330-627-7311.