Village’s financial situation remains unchanged

LISBON – The village’s financial situation in 2012 was pretty much unchanged from the year before, which came as no surprise to Fiscal Officer Tracey Wonner.

She said the village’s financial situation has remained mostly the same over the past several years, with overall spending and income mostly flat during that period.

Wonner reported the village general fund ended 2012 with a $72,245 balance, down slightly from the $78,000 carry-over balance from the year before.

This was based on general fund expenditures of $1.49 million, which is exactly how much the village spent in 2011.

The general fund includes the police and fire departments, Wonner’s office, the zoning department, mayor’s office, council, solicitor, and income tax office.

The general rule for government bodies is they should end the year with a balance equal to at least 4 percent of spending, which would be about $60,000 for Lisbon, so the $72,245 exceeded that amount.

“Ideally, I’d like to see us around $100,000. It would give me a better confidence level,” Wonner said.

The street department, which falls within the general fund but is maintained as a separate account, reported spending $267,477 last year, down significantly from the $323,856 spent in 2011.

The largest source of revenue for the general fund is the village’s 1.5 percent income tax. Wonner reported the tax generated $1.08 million last year compared to $1.09 million from 2011.

Revenue generated by the hotel bed tax doubled last year, from $20,000 in 2011 to $40,181 last year.

The village’s only hotel is the Lisbon Inn, which is benefiting from shale gas boom underway that has brought in out-of-state workers to the area. Wonner said half of the bed tax money goes to the general fund and the rest to the Lisbon Area Chamber of Commerce.

The general fund is only a portion of village operations, with spending for all village departments and operations totaling $3.69 million in 2012, a decline of $150,000 from 2011.

The 2013 budget in the process of being approved by council sets overall spending at $3.14 million, including $1.35 million in the general fund.