3 recycling drives planned in Green Township

GREENFORD – Trustees voted to go ahead with three recycling drives at Tuesday’s meeting.

Trustee Chairman Mark Stepuk said money has been allocated for an appliance drive, a tire drive and an electronic drive.

Trustees discussed tentative dates for early May and June with the appliance drive running from May 4 to May 18; the tire drive from 8 a.m until 2 p.m. on May 18; and the electronic drive on either June 1 or June 8.

The township’s recycling center is located at 12184 Lisbon Road and is open 24/7.

In other business, trustees discussed a lighted portable sign to announce community events.

Zoning Officer Bill Pitts is obtaining information and said one vendor had not called back and he will contact two other sign companies.

Previously, trustees discussed buying an LED sign to replace the one at the state Route 165 and Lisbon Road intersection which Stepuk noted already had an electric hook up.

“It’s a decent spot,” he said while adding the signs they’ve looked at are too bright, adding “we’re trying to put information on them.”

He suggested a smaller sign similar to the one in front of the Salem Community Center.

Trustee Dave Slagle said he didn’t want any kind of “vision block” and Trustee George Toy wondered if trustees were against placing it in front of the township building on Lisbon Road.

Stepuk said it would have to be two-sided at that location and trustees took no action saying they would discuss it in the future with Pitts getting more price quotes.

In other business, Stepuk said a $500 state grant was available that can be used for fire department safety or road safety equipment such as orange cones, vests and signs.

“It’s restricted to certain uses,” he said and Toy suggested letting the fire department use the money.

Stepuk advised trustees on a Mahoning County engineer’s office meeting he attended noting that repair work on the guardrail on Beaver Creek Road will go out for bid in April or May; trees will be trimmed off overhead lines on county roads; and a speed limit study will be conducted on Green Beaver Road.

Stepuk said he asked about a section of guardrail on Washingtonville Road that needed repair; and shared services regarding snow plowing were discussed.

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