Benefit to aid Salem teen

SALEM – A benefit dinner, auction and dance will be held for Dakota Boor, 15, of Salem on Feb. 16 at Fernangles Tavern, 496 S. Broadway Ave.

The fund raiser will begin at 5 p.m. and all proceeds will benefit Boor, who was diagnosed with the rare 48, XXYY Syndrome.

Boor is a freshman at Salem High School and the 48, XXYY syndrome is a sex chromosome anomaly in which males have an extra X and Y chromosome.

Human cells usually contain two sex chromosomes, one from the mother and one from the father, according to one description of the syndrome.

Usually, females have two X chromosomes (XX) and males have one X and one Y chromosome (XY).

The appearance of at least one Y chromosome with a properly functioning SRY gene makes a male, therefore, XXYY only affects males who are affected with the XXYY syndrome and have 48 chromosomes instead of the typical 46.

That is why XXYY syndrome is sometimes written as 48, XXYY syndrome.

Boor has been treated at Akron Children’s Hospital but the developmental-behavior pediatrics section of the Child Development Unit of the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Col., has a 48 XXYY Project clinic to treat people with the syndrome.

It is estimated that XXYY affects one in every 18,00040,000 male births.

Flyers and donation cans have been placed throughout the Salem area and an account in the name of “Benefit for Dakota Boor” is in place at the Chase Bank, 123 N. Broadway Ave., in Salem.

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