Bid for more Lisbon solicitor candidates falls flat

LISBON – An attempt to seek proposals for the village solicitor position never made it off the ground at this week’s Village Council meeting.

Councilwoman Mary Ann Gray made a motion to seek proposals from any local attorneys interested in competing for the village solicitor job, currently held by Virginia Barborak, but none of the other council members seconded her motion so it could be brought up for a vote.

Gray noted that Barborak’s current one-year contract expires March 1, and in 2011 council solicited proposals before deciding to retain Barborak, whose contract was renewed last year without seeking applications. She wondered if council might be interested in again opening up the job to other applicants and then made the motion to do so, which was met with silence.

The vote to renew her contract last year was 5-1, with Councilman Willis Coleman casting the lone dissenting vote. Coleman was absent from this week’s meeting while still recuperating from a recent heart attack he suffered. Also absent from the meeting was Councilman Joe Morenz, who was at work.

Earlier in the meeting, Barborak had been asked to provide a progress report on two pieces of proposed legislation council requested be prepared, including one lifting a ban on the Sunday sale of alcohol. This legislation, requested in November, was ready for council action, and it was approved.

The other proposed legislation, requested in September by Gray, would require banks to advise the village when a foreclosure occurs within the community. Gray said before this would enable the village to keep track of the property owners should the homes remain unsold and homes fall into disrepair or the lawns need to be mowed.

Barborak reported she had begun work on the foreclosure legislation but misplaced the paperwork

In other old business, council was updated on efforts to resolve property-owner issues left over from last summer’s West Chestnut/Cedar streets storm sewer project. The one issue involved Ed Day, who officials said had yet to sign off on a proposed settlement agreement, and efforts to contact him have been unsuccessful.

“I just think we’ve given Mr. Day enough time,” Gray said.

The other unresolved issue involves replacing a tree on the Persic property, with council and project contractor agreeing to split the cost. Council indicated the Persics should be given a deadline to sign off on the agreement.

Council’s next meeting is 6:30 p.m. Feb. 12.