Crestview continues computer initiative

NEW WATERFORD – Half a school year after starting the one-to-one computer initiative at Crestview, high school staff members talked about how it has changed their jobs and some improvements they would like to see with the program in the future.

A lot of teachers have adjusted well with all using to some extent a course management software package known as the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) in their classrooms.

Elwood Woolman, high school guidance counselor, said the staff and students are embracing the computer program, although most know there still needs to be paper tests, handouts and lectures. Teachers are continuing to create technology-based projects for students.

“We’ve tried to remember what’s best for the student,” Woolman said. “It’s not a love fest yet, but it will be.”

In the future, the teachers would like to see more of the books students carry reduced by allowing students to download them to their laptops. While the online books cost about two-thirds the cost of the hardcover books, Superintendent John Dilling pointed out additional materials are also available online to supplement what students are learning.

Even though the adjustment is going well, Woolman said teachers on the high school improvement team would like to see a technology instructor on staff to help the students learn to use their computers to the full potential.

Other ideas on the high school improvement team’s slate for the future include:

-Revising the attendance policy to include in-school suspensions to allow students to remain in school and complete their work while carrying out their punishment.

-Creating student and adult mentoring groups to allow students contact with local adults they can meet with on a regular basis.

-Applying for additional grant dollars to provide even more opportunities for Crestview students.

-Creating a plan to implement semester exams, which are soon going to be a requirement for all schools.