Fairfield Township trustees plugged into providing electricity for ball field

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – Trustees approved a resolution to move ahead on a request by the Crestview Baseball Association for financial and/or in-kind assistance to place electric power on the township baseball field on Thursday.

Last month, the association presented a quote from Ohio Edison for $10,583 to power it up and the company offered to contribute $6,349 to the project.

That left about $4,778 that the association asked the township to contribute for the underground lines.

Jim Fitzgerald, of the association, presented maps of the field.

“First Energy is waiting for your blessing,” he said.

Ohio Edison will stake it out and the association will dig up the ground to bury the line.

Trustee Chairman Bob Hum asked if the association was thinking about building another field but that was a major cost the association didn’t have the money for.

Hum said the township had a line item fund with $50,000 in it and that would be a “nice place to take $5,000 from …”

He added it was all about getting power to the ballfield and wanted to see the easement language and an updated bill so “we can put a hard cost on it …”

Trustee voted 3-0 to move ahead with the project pending the requests.

In other business, trustees approved an application to use the township right-of-way to bore under Hatcher Road for an oil and gas line to the Lehman well on state Route 7.

Chesapeake is the applicant and the line will go 5 feet into the ground. The application was approved by a 3-0 vote.

Trustee Barry Miner said they were going to see bores “more and more” as pipeline is laid.

He also advised the board of receiving a letter from BP expressing interest in the mineral rights to the townships’ 16.37 acres at 3062 Fairfield School Road.

Hum said, “DPS said it wasn’t interested in us …”

Miner said, “So it looks like there’s a little interest there.”

DPS Penn is a land acquisition firm that has partnered with Chesapeake Energy acquiring gas, oil and mineral rights to property in the Marcellus Shale.

In other business, Road Supervisor Melvin Miller requested purchase orders for a 12-volt diesel pump to transfer fuel from the back of the pickup to diesel-burning equipment.

Trustees combined that request with another for two strobe lights at a cost of $99 each, and approved the purchases if they did not exceed $450.

Miller said the Warren-based company that supplies stone for the chip and seal program went out of business and he was checking around for a new supplier.

Trustee Carl Garwood asked if East Fairfield Coal had any and Miller said, “Just limestone” and Miner suggested that Miller “go out there and snoop around to what’s going.”

Miller said if there is some stone available the township should move on it quickly.

Hum half-joked, “Maybe they have a bigger buyer … Chesapeake and all its helpers.”

Miner also brought up a letter from the township’s legal counsel regarding the 80-acre annexation with Columbiana and Hum said, “I expressed my concern about that island,” adding that it was to discuss which side of the road each would be responsible for.

Hum said, “We have roadways all over … I just wanted to clarify that with them” and Zoning Officer Kymberly Seabolt asked to be advised when the annexation occurs, noting she “was holding off on new maps” because of it.