John Doe may be wanted as witness in Cleveland

EAST LIVERPOOL – A man police took into custody Sunday and identified only as John Doe may be wanted as a witness in a case out of Cleveland.

The man was a passenger in a car at Woodland Hills driven by a woman officers said was known to be involved in local drug activity. When asked for his identification, he gave the name Damon Milton, but the birthdate and Social Security number failed to match, as did the description of that person.

He was charged with two counts of falsification and for obstructing official business. He refused to be fingerprinted or photographed, according to police.

In Municipal Court Monday, Judge Melissa Byers Emmerling had failed to arraign the man because he failed to complete paperwork needed for the public defender he requested.

On Tuesday, police reported they believe the man is actually Shannon Hinton, 23, of Cleveland, based on information obtained from the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office.

According to detectives, the prosecutor called looking for Hinton in regard to the case, saying he had been shot in the arm during the incident in question.

City officers who took him into custody recalled the man had complained of numbness in the same arm.

Detectives asked for photos of Hinton, and the arresting officers said he is the man they arrested as John Doe.

Captain Terry Faulkner commended patrolman Steve Adkins for the arrest, saying he was on routine patrol and had not been called to Woodland Hills housing complex for a problem.

“He went the extra mile and kept pursuing it. He did a really nice job. It was a good catch, and it was all self-initiated,” Faulkner said of Adkins’ investigation.

Doe, aka Hinton, appeared again in Municipal Court Tuesday, where he again refused to be fingerprinted to determine his identity, and no public defender was granted until that can be determined.

Another arraignment was set for today, and Doe/Hinton is being held without bond in the county jail.

He has now been charged with furnishing false information to avoid a citation.