License to give shots renewed

The Salem City Health Department is back in the business of giving shots and has flu vaccine available for anyone in need of a flu shot.

City Health Commissioner Richard Setty said the state drug license required for the department to administer shots came in the mail Monday and was signed by the department’s medical director, Dr. George Scott Wilson.

The license will be posted in the office where visitors can see it.

The license had expired Dec. 31 without being renewed, a failure which Setty previously attributed to administrative oversight. He said he didn’t realize the license had not been renewed and neither did the substitute nurse the board hired to work while nurse Kathy Dugan was off for medical leave since October.

Dugan discovered the license had not been renewed when she returned to work on Jan. 8. According to her written report, the substitute nurse gave flu shots in early January after the drug license had expired.

Once it was determined the license had not been renewed, the necessary paperwork was filled out and sent to the Ohio State Pharmacy Board and all shots were stopped until the new license arrived.

Setty said the department has flu shots and adult and pediatric vaccinations available. Interested residents should call the department at 330-332-1618 for an appointment.

“It’s not too late to get a flu shot,” Setty said.

Last fall the demand for flu shots dropped off, but when stories about the flu started appearing in the news in recent months, the demand increased and they received some phone calls from people wanting flu shots. He said if people aren’t sure or have some concerns, they can talk to Dugan.

He said the Centers for Disease Control are recommending the flu vaccine for all adults. The cost of the vaccine at the city health department is $25 self pay or billed through medical insurance.

The next meeting of the city health board is 10 a.m. Feb. 27.

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