Project gaining Momentum

M3 Midstream LLC commonly know as Momentum added another dimension to the first phase of the natural gas processing facility in Kensington Thursday. Momentum, in partnership with Chesapeake and Enervest, is building the Kensington facility to process the liquid-rich natural gas found in the Utica Shale. The raw liquids are divided into natural gas and natural gas liquids such as ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline. The first of three Demethanizer Towers at the cryogenic gas processing plant was lifted into place Thursday. Facilities like the Kensington plant separate natural gas liquids by changing the temperature of the raw natural gas. The 119-foot tower will subject the natural gas to temperatures as low as minus 150-degrees Fahrenheit separating the raw natural gas liquids recovering over 90 percent of the gas liquids. The plant will be able to process 600 million feet of natural gas per day that is gathered from county wells and others along the Utica Shale line. Immense Fagean Construction cranes were used to upright the tower and lower it onto a cement platform were it was guided and bolted into position. As the tower was placed into position surveyors, like Gerald Blasiman from Howells and Baird Inc. of Salem made sure the tower was straight and level. (Salem News photos by Patti Schaeffer)