Three schools would benefit from Kasich plan

LISBON – Only three of the 11 schools districts in Columbiana County would receive additional state money under a new education funding plan proposed by Gov. John Kasich.

The local districts benefiting under Kasich’s plan are Columbiana, Salem and Wellsville, and the remaining eight districts would continue receiving the same amount of state funding despite having undergone significant cuts under the current two-year state budget.

According to a Columbus Dispatch analysis of the governor’s plan, 60 percent of the 612 school districts in the state would receive no additional money the next two years. The Dispatch story also provided estimated figures for each county.

Based on those figures, Columbiana would see its state funding increase by $52,576 to $1.96 million in 2014 under the governor’s plan, with no increase in 2015. Wellsville’s state funding would increase by $240,849 to $5.95 million in 2015.

Salem would be the biggest beneficiary, with its share of state funding increasing by $1.19 million over the next two years, to $7.55 million.

In the case of Columbiana, the $52,576 increase is not anywhere close to making up for the $509,981 loss in state funding resulting from state budget cuts. On the other hand, the increases Salem and Wellsville are scheduled to receive under the Kasich plan would make up for the cuts in state funding received under the current budget. Salem was cut $1.1 million but is to receive $1.19 million, while Wellsville would get $240,849 compared to the $156,875 it was cut.