East Pershing Street behind SCH will be partially closed today

SALEM – East Pershing Street behind Salem Community Hospital (SCH) will be partially closed today from approximately 7 a.m. to noon. The temporary closure will permit the removal of the hospital’s existing magnetic resonance imaging unit (MRI), which is being replaced.

MRI is a medical imaging test that uses a strong magnet and pulses of radio wave energy to make digital images of the body’s internal structures.

MRIs will continue to be available at SCH during the new equipment’s installation period. A mobile MRI, comparable to the hospital’s existing unit, has been placed behind the SCH Emergency Department next to Pershing Street. Individuals scheduled for an MRI during the installation period should continue to report to the hospital’s ground floor Medical Imaging department for their scheduled tests.

A new 3-Tesla MRI unit will be available to SCH patients beginning in mid-May. The new unit will be twice as strong as the best MRI scanners in the area and will provide twice the image detail and twice the speed, to offer the newest and most advanced imaging techniques.