Lisbon Council discusses traffic

LISBON – Traffic woes and what to do about them were discussed at this week’s Village Council meeting.

Councilman Joe Morenz said he would like the village to investigate rerouting the portion of state Route 164 that passes through the downtown, from West Washington Street to West Lincoln Way and South Lincoln Avenue. He said this would redirect all heavy truck traffic to one street instead of two.

“We need to look at this for our community … It might be an inconvenience for some, but it will make for a better town in the long run,” he said.

Councilwoman Mary Ann Gray said she doubts they have the authority to determine the paths of state routes through town, believing that is up to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

To alleviate some of the problems occurring at the intersection of South Market (Route 164) and West Washington streets, police Chief Mike Abraham suggested prohibiting any turning right on red at a portion of the intersection. This would eliminate the need for cars that creep forward to turn only to back up to make way for a turning truck.

He called the intersection the worst in town because of the increased truck traffic due to the local oil and shale gas boom.

In other action at the meeting:

– Abraham was asked to look into what can be done about the boats being stored in the parking lot behind the Motorcycle Dream Shop, and he said he was already looking into it, as well as trying to get two properties cleaned up on Chestnut Street.

“I just got to say I appreciate the job you are doing,” Mayor Dan Bing told him, saying it validates his decision to recommend him for the job.

– Abraham reported ODOT is trying to figure out how to lower the volume on the beeping sound from the new traffic signal boxes that is supposed to alert blind pedestrians when it is safe to cross the street. Residents complained the beeping is interfering with their TV watching.

He is also looking into getting ODOT to synchronize all three lights on Lincoln Way but doubts it is possible.

-Council agreed to switch to the high-speed DSL service available through the county clerk of court’s office located down the street, at a cost of $70 per month. In doing so, council canceled its contract for the same service with Time-Warner at $180 per month, which they approved two weeks before. There is an additional $3,400 cost for a network routing switch and installation, which Abraham said they would have to pay either way.

– Council authorized the Calcutta engineering firm of Dallis Dawson & Associates to begin design work on the High Street project, which is estimated to cost $217,200, with the engineering firm’s fee to be $15,100. The entire cost of the project is funded with state and federal grants obtained by the village.