Perry trustees list streets for chip & seal

PERRY TWP. – Township trustees announced the streets they’ll be paving and including in Columbiana County’s chip & seal program this summer at an estimated cost of $110,000.

The list for paving included Shamrock Arbor, Shannon Lane and Heritage Lane while the list for chip & seal included Allen Road, Idaho Avenue, Michigan Boulevard and Johnson Road.

Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix talked about the list during Monday’s meeting, noting that they attended a meeting with the Columbiana County Engineer’s Office earlier in the day. The cost was set at $93,000, plus the cost of slag and the cost of blacktop for patching, bringing the estimated total in the ballpark of $110,000.

During the guest portion of the meeting, South Lincoln Avenue resident Louis Grande complained about a new flashing sign the Humane Society of Columbiana County installed next door, saying its still flashing a lot, still flashing in different colors and still on all night.

Grande had filed a police report regarding the light shining into his home earlier this year and had talked to Trustee Don Kendrick, who handles zoning issues. Kendrick said he had talked to a representative of the organization who told him they would stop the flashing after 8 p.m.

Grande said the flashing slowed down a little, but it’s still going all night and still flashing bright colors.

“I imagine that’s quite annoying,” Mix said, adding they’ll need to talk with the representative again “to see if she can calm it down.”

Marvin Heacock asked a zoning question, explaining he’s trying to buy a property on Jones Drive and wanted to know if he could put in a second drive and a second garage, detached and behind the house, with the drive near the property line.

Kendrick said the zoning allows one detached garage on a property no more than 768 square feet which must be at least 6 feet from the rear property line and 10 feet from the side yard property line. He would also need to purchase a $50 building permit since it’s a structure.

Henry Spack offered a radio to the fire or police departments if they could use it, which he found in a truck he was scrapping. He asked for them to contact him.

Bill Tungate, of Shamrock Arbor, said he was just there with his son, who’s a Boy Scout in Troop 6 trying to earn his citizenship badge. He did have a question about who to contact regarding a burned out street light in front of his house and was told to contact Ohio Edison.

In other business, the trustees agreed to advertise for sale a 1977 fire truck, with Fire Chief Bruce Whitcher saying he had received a couple of calls from people interested in the truck. He noted the truck’s not good for fighting fires anymore, but could be used for parades or for power washing. He said the salvage price came to about $380 per ton and the truck was 3 1/2 tons. Trustee Don Rudibaugh said that’s not a lot of money.

Trustees approved moving Patrolman Thomas Wire from part-time training status to part-time probationary status.

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