Salem Township trustees discuss road program list

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Salem Township trustees began looking at roads for its chip and seal program during Wednesday’s meeting.

On the list are old state Route 558, Jersey Ridge Road and a portion of Butcher Road up the the Salem city limits.

Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin said he wanted to get all of 558 done since it washes out in places.

Trustee Bill Heston also pointed out there are “some places it’s starting to come down.”

Trustee John Wilms agreed with Entrikin.

“I like that idea of getting a real good fix on it” and Entrikin asked what other roads trustees wanted to fix.

Wilms said, “Let’s pick a road that needs a lot of work … what’s our money look like?”

Trustees discussed the amount needed to do one mile in the past, noting it worked out to about $15,000 a mile.

“What about Conkle?” Wilms asked.

Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said there was enough money to do in “the neighborhood of six to seven miles and John Wilms requested Entrikin measure out some of the roads, adding he’d like to do half of Conkle Road.

Heston said they don’t have a price on slag or hauling yet but estimated both at about $24 a ton.

No action was taken and later in the meeting John Wilms wondered about doing something with Sheely Road.

Heston said it would be really nice if they drilled there, in an unspoken reference to a road use management agreement (RUMA) that would improve it.

Wilms said he received a call from Bret Bankert, Chesapeake Energy’s Columbiana County field representative, who wanted the township to pay an additional $1,600 for pipe on Egypt Road for the Mangus II well in the 37000 block of Butcher Road.

The road use management agreement runs from state Route 14 in Green Township up Egypt Road and turns left onto Butcher Road.

Chesapeake requested a road use management agreement with Green Township for a section of Egypt Road on Feb. 19, and is expected to request one with Salem Township.

Trustees said that last week they meet with Chesapeake and Green Township officials to walk and inspect the RUMA routes in both townships.

The pipe sizes will be enlarged from 12 inches to 15 inches and possibly from 15 inches to 18 inches but the 15 inch pipe is almost $2 more a foot.

The total outlay was placed at $1,600 and Wilms said Bankert wanted a return call this morning.

Wilms said, “I’d rather not have to pay it …”

Trustee Chairman Ray Heddleson said, “It’s helping us out on the road” and Wilms said, “Maybe it’d be a good idea to pay it and get them on the next one.”

Wilms said he would see if Bankert has room to maneuver or negotiate in splitting the cost.

In other business, Cathy Wilms advised of a notice from Chesapeake Energy transferring oil and gas lease No. 1-356912-000 (dated Oct. 19, 2010) to Hilcorp Energy and “assigning all conveyances and interests to Hilcorp.”

Trustees were unsure which well that meant and the letter said all questions should be referred to Hilcorp.

Also trustees passed a resolution requesting the county auditor to certify the dollar amount on a tax evaluation for its northwest fire district on a replacement levy for 2 mills.

Trustees also approved a resolution allowing the Leetonia Baseball Association to use its ballfield after a detailed discussion with two members of the association.

Trustees also approved a purchase order for fuel for the road department.

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