7 streets land on Washingtonville chip and seal list

WASHINGTONVILLE – Seven streets are on the village’s chip and seal program that is expected to begin in late May or early June.

Council President Ramona Custer spoke to County Engineer Bert Dawson and advised council on Monday that a $958 grant would go toward the estimated $9,581 cost for the project.

About $8,623 will be allocated from the street fund.

Custer said council could deduct streets from the program but could not add them while noting they must be cleared off with all the holes patched, while the trees must be 14-feet from the street.

Street Foreman Ed Garrett said the big problem is with tree branches and Councilman Jim Smith said the legal height over a road is 13 and-a-half feet and the chip and seal machine needs 14 feet.

Gudat said he can cut trees back himself but needs landowner’s permission in certain places.

Mayor Will Jones said, “As long as it’s over the road … I’ll check with Michelle (Solicitor Michele McBride Simonelli) … as long as we get South Alley, that’s the worst one.”

Councilwoman Laura Trummer said, “They’re all bad.”

Jones asked when a decision was needed and Custer said whenever Street Committee Chairwoman Becky Vignon has the street list ready. Custer said the list could be discussed at the next meeting.

Jones said it shouldn’t be a problem getting the streets ready. There are a total of .94 miles and the longest street is .30 mile, he said.

“With three street guys and two months, we can get them ready,” Jones said.

Council approved the street program with a 6-0 vote and after the meeting Jones said they are tentatively looking at chip and sealing South Alley, Stocking, Cherry, Senior, Maple, Smith and Bertolette streets.

In other business, Utilities Supt. Brian Gudat said the village needs to purchase an auto sampler.

He said signs need to be posted by the creek to let people know it is a wastewater outflow and he expected a letter from the state EPA to have comments regarding “solids.”

Gudat said, “As soon as I know more, I’ll let council know.”

Police Chief Ken Faust received approval to purchase two flashlights for the cruisers and advised council of a couple free training courses for his officers.

“I recommend any free training they can get,” he said, adding he will approach council regarding any pay classes he thinks will benefit the village.

Jones alluded to some confusion over which phone number to use when calling village police and said residents should use the 330-427-0001 number.

In other business, Jones discussed a water pooling problem on a residence across the street from where he lives.

The neighbor has complained about water in the front yard going into the neighbor’s.

Jones said the resident has attended council meeting “a couple of times” and asked if any council members have seen the problem.

The resident is concerned about mosquitoes.

Councilwoman Theresa Allison said the property was OK until he put a house in there. Jones asked about a ditch and Gudat said he thought there was a three to four foot ditch that was a hazard if anyone traveled off the road.

He thought that maybe an excavator didn’t know there was pipe there and suggested running a storm drain to the ditch, but didn’t know who would be responsible for the cost.

Smith said, “There’s a little bit of cost there” and Allison said there was a spring under it that has since dried out after some digging was done there and it was filled in.

Gudat added, “There’s a pipe there … I tried to jet that out in the past but could never get through it.”

Jones said, “I’ve heard so many stories about it …” and Allison referred him to “a person who knows about it.”

Also, in other business, Vignon said she checked with another department in Mahoning County that might have money for the chip and seal program on that side of the village.

Also, Jones showed the American flag that the Leetonia Public Library gave to the village. Allison said, “They probably took it when they tore down the log cabin because it was hung there.”

Jones wants to display the flag in the newly repainted council chambers.

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