BDD plans to add support administrator

LISBON – With additional requirements of waivers for the county Board of Developmental Disability to oversee, the board voted Wednesday to create an additional service and support administrator position.

Superintendent Bill Devon said the program used to be handled by Jobs and Family Services, but is being placed in the hands of the BDD by the state. The state budget bill, which passed in July 2011, allowed Jobs and Family Services to designate transitional developmental disability waivers to local BDDs.

These waivers allow those with developmental disability utilizing home-based care to transition into new services should their caregivers no longer be able to care for them.

However, Devon said they also require medical knowledge above what the board is familiar with in order to administer. Some of the evaluations can be billed to the state, but the program will mean additional work for administrators.

The program allows for respite care up to $5,000 per family and up to $18,000 for a home modification. Devon said the program is handled by a three-year plan.

The board also approved two roofing projects for Robert Bycroft School. The first, costing $23,530, will pay for a new roof for the gymnasium. The second will put a new roof on the multi-purpose room and will cost $11,435. Both contracts were awarded to M and D Contracting.

Another contract was awarded to upgrade the heating and cooling system at the EDI-South building. For $10,832 the maintenance supervisor will be able to control and diagnose problems with the system from any location, including long distance. If school is canceled, for instance, the new interface system will allow the heat to be turned down for the day without driving to the building. Other buildings owned by the BDD already are on the system.

Finally, the board approved hiring Jim McCauley as technology manager coordinator. Devon told the board McCauley has worked with the BDD computer system for 16 years and feels hiring him will save the school money.

One teacher’s assistant asked Devon why the assistants at Robert Bycroft have not yet received an intent to rehire notification for next school year. Devon said at this point he has not received the entire list of how many clients will be served at the school next year and does not want to have to lay off someone after informing them they will have a job.