Broadway parking change

SALEM – City Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst announced parking spaces will now be diagonal on the east side of South Broadway from Pershing down past Columbia.

The change was made to create an additional 12 parking spaces which can be utilized by people who may be visiting city hall, nearby churches, the historical museums or businesses.

Parking off of the northside lane had been diagonal previously, but was changed to parallel parking many years ago when the fire station was attached to city hall. Kenst said he was told the fire trucks had a hard time making the turn out of the lot into the street due to the diagonal parking.

Several years ago, a new fire station was built which now empties onto South Ellsworth Avenue in an area where there is no street parking.

Kenst said they decided to change the parking back to diagnonal on that section of Broadway, increasing the number of spaces available from 20 to 32.