Crowd hinders investigation into shooting

EAST LIVERPOOL – Two brothers suffered gunshot wounds early Saturday morning during a fight at Pack’s Bar, 533 Mulberry St.

According to police, one bullet was fired from a large-caliber handgun just before 2 a.m., hitting Braxton Vaughn, 21, traveling through his torso and lodging in the torso of his brother, Theodore Vaughn, 26.

Both men are from Midland, Pa., and Theodore Vaughn, a rap artist who goes by the stage name of JGunz Ccmg, was performing at the bar prior to the fight, according to Detective Rob Smith.

With about 80 people in attendance, a fight broke out between two individuals, and witnesses said, once they began pushing each other, everyone joined in the fight, Smith reported.

Theodore Vaughn had completed his act and, when he saw his brother involved in the melee, went to assist him, according to Smith.

At some point, a gun was produced and fired, but police said no real details about the shooting could be determined, due to the lack of cooperation from those present.

“People just didn’t want to cooperate,” Detective Don Fickes said, and Smith said people who had been at the bar didn’t initially even tell officers who were responding to what had been reported as a fight call that there had been people shot.

Liverpool Township and St. Clair Township police officers responded to assist the two city officers on duty at the time. Detectives Fickes and Smith were called out for the investigation once it was learned there were shooting victims.

Officers arrived simultaneously to find a large crowd of people in the street, none of whom would respond to their questions. Eventually, someone told them that two shooting victims were en route to the hospital in private vehicles.

At the hospital, Smith said, people actually turned their back to him when he attempted to get information, with one telling him, “You’re the police, you figure it out.”

“We certainly have a suspect who will be questioned, but I’m very disappointed in what we got from the crowd. Not one person stood up and said what happened,” Smith said, adding that if people continue to get bolder and police get “zero help” from witnesses, he fears more such incidents and worse outcomes, possibly with innocent bystanders or officers injured.

He said that Brian and Theodore Vaughn “both were decent” about giving him information.

Both the Vaughns were flown by helicopter to Pittsburgh hospitals, and Smith said he had not been advised that their condition had worsened.

During the incident, while trying to disperse the crowd at Pack’s Bar, officers arrested Shelydon D. Clark, 20, Aliquippa, Pa., for obstructing official business when he reportedly failed to comply.

Police are asking that anyone who has information about what occurred to call the department at 330-385-1234.