New gravel road leads to confusion among residents

COLUMBIANA – What is going on at Arrowhead Lake? A new gravel road to the lake is causing some in town to wonder what will happen next.

Donna Bekar, who sits on the city’s planning commission, said a lake resident asked her to find out the purpose of the road. She said they were concerned a dock is going to be built there, and if so, are worried it will open the door to disruption in that area.

The short gravel road from South Bayshore Drive to the lake was put in by Rob Struharik, of Master Plan Builders, she added.

The lake is owned by the company who bought it and the undeveloped land there at the end of last year. To Bekar’s knowledge, boating has never been allowed on the lake.

The lake is surrounded by condominiums belonging to three different homeowner’s associations. The condos are owned by the residents, who have no ownership of the lake.

Commission member Ron LaLonde was upset Struharik didn’t approach the commission for permission before adding the road and told Assistant Building and Zoning inspector Bob Belding to speak with him about their concerns.

Bekar said she also would like for Struharik to explain his plans to the commission.

“I’m not sure if it is a loading dock, but we need to know because it comes out into our street – our street being Columbiana’s,” she said.

The city is responsible for South Bayshore Drive located between the lake and state Route 164.

Bekar said should boats be using the road in the future to get to and from the lake, neighboring residents will likely not be happy with the amount of noise generated.

She also said a boat dock so near to a home removes the privacy of that resident, as they would be unable to enjoy their back porch, deck, or other outdoor area with people coming and going at various hours.

She went on to say the resident who brought the road to her attention questioned whether it was even “legal” to be there.

Commission members were not sure if Struharik had violated any rules, but LaLonded noted section 1260.22 of the zoning code prohibits excessive noise, smoke, dust, or fumes,-which are things that could result from boats on the lake.

“If I was an adjoining property owner and I was upset with what was going on with access to the lake I would have a good case according to this paragraph,” he said.

Bekar later said Struharik has always “done things by the book” and wasn’t displeased with him, but hopes to hear from him soon with regards to the road.