No hits in Monday drug sweep at South Range

BEAVER TOWNSHIP- A drug sweep at the South Range Local K-12 Campus this week produced no hits.

Schools Superintendent Dennis Dunham confirmed Friday that the sweep, conducted in the high and middle schools at 8:50 a.m. Monday, was a random one and not provoked by a tip. He said the school takes a proactive stance on keeping drugs out of the buildings.

“The intent is to send a strong message to not only not do drugs, but to not even think about bringing them into the school,” he said. “If [officers] have to come in everyday and [sweep the school], we’ll do it.”

The school resource officer, Beaver Township Cpl. Brian Hartman, said that K-9 units from Beaver Township, Springfield and Canfield police departments sniffed the first and second floors of the high and middle school wings, as well as the parking lot, noting that there were no hits on any lockers or cars. He said the school was locked down for 25 minutes during the sweep. Drugs were planted in empty lockers as a training exercise for the K-9 units, he noted.

The sweep was the first of the year at South Range, and bodes well that no drugs were discovered, Hartman said.

“It’s a good feeling, when you know that at least the kids aren’t bringing [the drugs] in here,” he said.

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