Planning board OKs split for duplex

The city Planning Commission voted to allow the splitting of a lot holding a duplex with two separate housing units into two separate lots on Park Avenue, with the property line splitting the building in half.

The owners of each side of the duplex requested the replat, with the commission also agreeing to allow similar replats, if requested, for other properties on Park Avenue where several duplexes were built and sold as separate properties on single parcels of land. The lots in question are located between Ridgewood and Maple

The commission addressed the issue Monday, but had taken similar action for another lot on Park Avenue on Sept. 10, 2012.

The only difference this time was the blanket approval for the other parcels facing the same situation of two individual housing units on one lot. Owners of those properties will still have to prepare a replat map and file a request with the city Planning & Zoning Office, but Planning & Zoning Officer Patrick Morrissey will have the commission’s permission to allow the splits without the property owners having to seek approval from the commission.

Real estate agent Linda Courtney of Towne & Suburban Realty spoke briefly to the commission about the situation, explaining the replat was necessary for the sale of the one housing unit.

According to the meeting agenda, the homes were built as duplexes and sold as individual units without the benefit of a condominium association. The owners of the dwellings on one lot requested permission to split the lot and building in half so each dwelling is on its own piece of real estate.

Commission member Royal Schiller said his only concern was any disagreements by the property owners, but said he wasn’t against taking the action.

Morrissey estimated the potential for six more similar scenarios on that street where a replat may become necessary when a property is being sold.

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