Scholarship will honor late Crestview teacher

LISBON – Only a couple of weeks after the death of art teacher Michelle Pelino, Crestview schools were already receiving donations for a scholarship in her honor.

Nearly $800 in donations were accepted by the board from 15 individuals, couples, families or companies in the area.

Superintendent John Dilling said it was the family which announced in the obituary they wanted memorials to be in the form of donations to Crestview for a Michelle Pelino Art Scholarship Fund. Although decisions still need to be made about the qualifications for the scholarship and how it will be distributed, the community is already supporting it.

Pelino was known for taking art students to art museums in cities such as Philadelphia, New York and Cleveland to introduce them to the works of famous artists, as well as bringing art displays to Crestview for all her students to admire.

At its meeting last week, the board honored two students of the month, Jessica Bowker and Wyatt Nolker. According to Principal Lynda Dickson, Nolker was one of the students who was involved in supporting the Pelino family as the art teacher lost her battle with cancer.

The district is also planning a benefit pasta dinner and a concert on April 27. The event will benefit the Pelino family, as well as the family of Nick Raneri, a student who has been battling illness. A concert will be held from noon to 4 p.m in the Performing Arts Center, while a pasta dinner is being served in the high school and middle school cafeterias at the same time. There will be no admission, but donations will be accepted. Performers will include students from kindergarten through high School.

Several times during last week’s board meeting it was noted the giving nature of Crestview students. Middle School Principal Jeff Richardson pointed out students are learning the importance of living in a caring community.

The board also honored volunteers at the school during the meeting.

“The volunteers we have at our school is what makes our school district so special,” Dilling said.

In other matters:

– Negotiations have been completed with the Crestview Education Association members. Meetings will begin with members of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees, which are the support staff at the district.

– The board approved the retirement resignations of Nancy Dicken, middle school teacher, and Betty McKee, high school teacher. Both are retiring at the end of the school year.

– The board approved the advertisement of parking lot and pavement repairs.

– The board awarded a two-year contract with Hephner Lawn Care, which will provide landscape maintenance for 2013 and 2014.