Sledge hauling preparations under way in New Waterford

NEW WATERFORD – In his administrative report on Tuesday, Fred Fink advised village council that preparations for sludge hauling are under way.

“This is the most critical area of the wastewater plant,” he said, adding that 8,000 gallons will be removed beginning today.

Frank Daniels, the newly-hired water and wastewater treatment plant operator, provided a monthly report for the plants.

Fink read portions of the report and Daniels will initiate sludge wasting and tank cleaning today.

Daniels reported, “There are a number of areas where the village will be seeing cost effective operations in both the water and wastewater plants. A windfall of $1,125 will be refunded for empty chemical containers left to be scrapped.”

A company planning to bid on the installation of green and filter materials at the water plant and a dechlorination system for the wastewater plant toured them on Monday.

Fink also said a 6-foot deep by 8-foot square sink hole was “starting” on E. Main St. at the drive to the fire hall. Councilwoman Doris Ogle asked about it and Fink was unsure where the dirt went, noting that water draining down hill had undermined the area.

He said the road department will begin patching potholes as soon as possible and noted the cost of cold patch is $90 a ton.

In other business, Fink said, “We are having problems with vandals at the village park and also at the ballfields. Trash was scattered all over and the nets ripped down (with) rims starting to bend.”

Fink wanted to try securing the trash barrels.

He noted the ball fields have been cleaned up after a week of work and the backstop and bench areas have been mulched. He expected a part ordered fot the back-up generator to be delivered this week.