Spring Gathering/Pow Wow planned at Crestview Auction

LEETONIA- A Pennsylvania-based Native American village will be holding its Spring Gathering/Pow Wow at the Crestview Auction.

Whispering Wyndz Village, based in Brownsville, Pa., will host the event May 10, 11 and 12 at 40950 Crestview Road. Gates open at 11 a.m. with Grand Entry at noon. Admission is free, but a donation is encouraged to help cover costs of the event.

The gathering will feature vendors offering handmade Native American items, as well as demonstrations of various Native American activities including a local flint knapper who pounds stone into arrowheads. There will also be an auction and raffle, as well as a Candy Dance for children and adults, on Saturday and Sunday.

An Honoring Dance will be held on Sunday for mothers and military veterans. Veterans will also be honored all weekend, so all veterans are encouraged to attend.

According to Village President Dove Tarter, the event offers a cultural learning experience for local residents.

“We want people to have fun, learn, leave with a good memory,” she said, noting that alcohol, drugs and weapons are strictly prohibited, as are politics.

In addition to the Pow Wow each day, Friday will be local school day where students will observe and learn about the Native American culture and basics and Saturday night will feature an open mic at a bonfire for village families and vendors with all primitive music. Community members are welcome to join in at the bonfire with guitars, flutes and other similar instruments.

Tarter said the Pow Wow will also be unique for another reason- the head male and female dancers will be two of the youngest children training to dance at the village.

“Typically the head dancers are adults, 18 or older,” she said. “This is an opportunity to show what the younger kids do when they begin to learn (the dances).”

The head dancers will be 9-year-old Red Thunder Makhi Tarter and 6-year-old Red Bird Rosie Desport. Their grandmothers will follow behind to help. The Host Drum will be Sunset River and Storyteller will be White Buffalo Heart.

Whispering Wyndz Village holds gatherings/pow wows in Pensylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Crestview Auction Owner Jay Sky Lopchisky is member of village.

For information about the event contact Tarter at 724-580-7262, dovetarter@gmail.com or whisperingwyndz@gmail.com.

Kevin Howell can be reached at khowell@salemnews.net