Threat found in same Crestview restroom

COLUMBIANA – A threatening note in a bathroom once again forced the lockdown of Crestview’s high school and middle school for about an hour on Tuesday.

Superintendent John Dilling said the non-specific threatening note was found in a fifth-grade girls’ bathroom at about 10 a.m. The school went into what Dilling called a modified lockdown. Students had to stay in their classrooms and no one was allowed to enter the buildings.

Parents who have signed up for notifications from the school were alerted of the lockdown at about 10:15 a.m. A notice was also posted to the school’s website.

Lt. Alan Young and Deputy Willie Coleman of the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Department responded. The schools were searched and at 11 a.m. the building was determined safe. The lockdown ended and a notification was issued informing parents the school was open again.

A similar note on March 22 led to an early dismissal with students heading home 10 minutes early. That note had simply said, “I’m going to kill everyone.” Both notes were found in the same restroom.

Dilling said the two notes were of the same nature, have similar handwriting and are being investigated together. He said there are several leads which are being followed.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to find them,” Dilling said of the perpetrator or perpetrators. “When we find them they would face expulsion or even prosecution.”

Dilling points out anything which induces a panic like a threatening note would qualify the student for serious consequences. School policy dictates both expulsion and prosecution as possible consequences.

However, he notes students were not in any imminent danger during the lockdown and many may have only thought it was a drill. Ohio Achievement Testing is going on this week, but Dilling said no testing happened during the lockdown.

A different type of note four months ago threatening a bomb at the school at a certain time is considered unrelated. That note led to an evacuation. The student found to be responsible for that threat no longer attends Crestview schools.