Capsule buried at Dale Shaffer Research Library

SALEM – The Salem Historical Society Sunday afternoon honored the memory of a revered local historian with a stamp on time.

The society hosted its burial of the Dale Shaffer Legacy Time Capsule in the front lawn of the Dale Shaffer Research Library, not to be opened until 2063. An engraved stone marker, provided by John and Jock Buta of Butech Bliss, will be placed on the site once the ground has settled.

“It was truly an honor to have [Shaffer] with us here and we greatly miss him,” David Shivers, president of the society’s board of trustees, told the crowd of over 50 family members, friends and associates of Shaffer.

According to Judi Allio, time capsule committee chairman, the capsule contains over 350 items of Dale Shaffer memorabilia and snapshots of Salem life in 2013 such as posters, photos and letters. She said the committee has been collecting items since the beginning of the year and have been working on the project since October. Committee members included Allio, Shivers, society Director David Stratton, society museum Curator Janice Lesher and society Trustee Alice Deatherage.

“Dale Shaffer spent his lifetime diligently preserving memories of times past,” she said. “The Salem Historical Society is carefully following in his footsteps to do the same. We do not take that responsibility lightly.”

Both the inner and outer capsules were fabricated by Fred and Tom Baker of Salem Welding & Supply Co. Once we filled the inner capsule was welded shut, the air removed and charged with argon gas. It was then placed into the steel outer capsule and the sealing process repeated. The total weight of time capsule is 460 pounds.

Russell Loudon of Stark Memorial Funeral Home provided the 25-inch wide, 51-inch long, 26-inch high vault. Henry Spack of Henry Spack Service Inc. excavated the hole and buried the capsule.

Pastor Lou Raymond, a lifelong friend of Shaffer, offered a blessing of the time capsule. A cookie reception and tour of the library followed the burial.