Center Twp. seeks levy for fire truck

LISBON – Center Township voters are again being asked to pass a new fire levy, this time in the amount of 1.23 mills, to help pay for the purchase of a new fire truck.

The five-year levy to appear on the May 7 ballot would run for five years and generate about $60,000 annually, which would be saved over that period until $300,000 is accumulated to help pay for the township’s share of the new pumper.

Center and Elkrun townships contract with the Lisbon Fire Department for fire services, and as such the townships are helping purchase the new pumper, with Center Township’s share being $300,000. Elkrun Township voters approved a new fire levy three years ago for the same purpose.

Township trustees say they have no intention of seeking the levy’s renewal at the end of the five years and the goal of raising $300,000 has been reached. The township has two existing fire levies that total 0.7 mills, which generate a combined $28,000, almost all of which is used to contract with Lisbon.

The levy would raise property taxes by $37 for the owner of a $100,000 home.

This is the second time the trustees have sought passage of the fire levy. Township voters rejected the measure when it was being run as a 1.3-mill levy in the November 2012 election.