Funding becomes roadblock for blacktop resurfacing

LISBON – Only about one-fourth as many miles of roadway will be resurfaced with blacktop this year because of a reduction in federal funding received by the Columbiana County Engineer’s Office.

Chief Deputy County Engineer Robert Durbin said they are planning to blacktop slightly less than 11 miles of road this summer compared to 44 miles in 2012.

Last year, the county applied for federal resurfacing money available through the Ohio Department of Transportation and was awarded $4.1 million, which was enough to quadruple the miles of roadway the engineer’s office is normally able to blacktop.

Durbin said they applied again this year but were awarded only $580,000, which will go into the blacktop budget along with $853,871 received from the state and $435,479 in funds from the county and participating communities and townships.

“I think that’s what we’re going to get, but it won’t be like last year, where we were able to obtain federal funding to blacktop all those roads,” he said.

The 10.7 miles the county intends to resurface with blacktop is closer to the annual average, he said, because it has only been in recent years federal funding was made available for that purpose.

In recent years, the engineer’s office has tried to stretch dollars by resurfacing some of its blacktop roads with chip-seal due to rising asphalt prices, which are tied directly to the cost of oil, but Durbin said they are not doing that in 2013. A blacktop road costs more than $120,000 per mile compared to $18,000 for chip-seal.

The following is a list of the roads or streets to be resurfaced with blacktop:

– East Palestine: Cyland, West, Sumner, West Main, Adams, Stacey, Wallace and Park Circle.

– Hanoverton: Main, Plymouth and Clinton West.

– Leetonia: Walnut, Pine, Vine, High, Chestnut Extension, Main and Washington.

– New Waterford: Taylor, West Main, Village Park and East Main.

– Washingtonville: South, Stocking, Cherry, Senior, Maple, Smith and Bertolette.

– Wellsville: Commerce, Aten, Maple and Riverside.

– County Roads: Winona, Old Route 344, Old Fredericktown, eastern portion of Calcutta-Smith Ferry.

– Elkton Township: Fairfield School.

– Wayne Township: Steubenville Pike.

– West Township: Robbins, Mayfair, Circle, Virginia, Minerva, Ellsworth, Linda, Fairview and Mindling.

Another $1.68 million will be spent to chip-seal another 114 miles of road, with participating villages and townships paying for the materials and the county doing the work. The following is a list of the roads to be resurfaced with chip-seal:


Teegarden, Clarkson, County Airport, Old Lincoln Highway.

Butler Township

McCann, King, Hoopes, Clark and Shoemaker.

Center Township

Beacon Light, Parkview, Shady Lane, Lisa Lane, Hilltop, Pleasantview, Elm, Elmwood, Industrial, Wellsville, Arter, Hill, Alley B and Alley C.

Elkrun Township

Pine Hollow, Elkton-West Point, Elk, North.

Fairfield Township

Kirk, Short, Signal, Hatcher, Creek, Metz, Cricket, Maple, Briarwood, Heck, Sponseller, Homestead.

Franklin Township

Emerick, Foundry Hill.

Hanover Township

Camp, Parkview, Walton, Pass, North View, Gurlea, Baker, Whipperwill, Fantale, Larry, Votaw Road, Votaw Circle, East Lake.

Knox Township

Bowman, Bandy, Center, Shoemaker.

Liverpool Township

Cain, Crestview, Monticello, Andrews Avenue, Andrews Place, Hill, Milton, Midway, Curry, Mayberry, Manor, Lang, Dairy, Evergreen, Homestead, Christian, Parkwood, Fisher, Stagecoach, Homewood, Atwood, Oriole, Park Boulevard East.

Madison Township

Y Camp, Glenn, Bear Hollow, Leslie, West Point Road, West Point streets.

Middleton Township

Echo Dell, Carmel Achor, Darlington, Stateline, Riffle, Union Ridge.

Perry Township

Allen, Idaho, Michigan, Johnson.

Salem Township

Butcher, Old Route 558, Jersey Ridge, Perry Grange, Main Street Extension, Conkle.

St. Clair Township

Berkshire, McRea, Trotter, Adkins, Marty, Louise, Glenda, Fisher Road, Fisher Drive, Sunset, Ashland, Belmont, Harding, Cincinnati, Canton, Bloomfield, Summit, Willow.

Unity Township

State Line, Howell, England, Brushville, Beard.

Washington Township

Clarks Mill, Hazel Run.

West Township

Homeworth, Yoder, Hawk, School, Robbins, Canal, Lynchburg, Quaker Church, Lynchburg south, Harijune.

Yellow Creek Township

Steubenville Pike, Bolivar, Nicholson, Forbes, McKee, Wells Hollow.