Gas pipeline to skirt New Waterford

NEW WATERFORD – Mayor Shane Patrone told council he met with GAI consultants, a company representing oil and gas pipeline interests regarding use of roads through the village.

Patrone said the pipeline would not enter the village but cross to the south and east.

“They wanted to know about permits,” Patrone told council Tuesday.

The Hickory Bend Oil and gas pipeline is expected to move past the village as it travels cross country from Salem Township from the southwest to northeast through Fairfield and Unity townships to Springfield Township.

Last week, GAI Consultants obtained culvert permit applications in Fairfield Township but trustees there wanted more time to review road use maintenance agreements (RUMAs) on short notice.

The 55-mile Hickory Bend pipeline runs from Pennsylvania to Salem Township.

The company wants to use about a half-mile of Main Street to haul excavating equipment and 20-inch pipe through the village that would include traveling over the bridge and clearing the railroad overpass.

Councilman Tom Cresanto asked if they were flatbed trailers and Patrone didn’t know but said his concern was Main Street didn’t have a lot of base under it.

Patrone said the GAI representative he spoke to said “they guarantee they don’t have a problem” with the overpass. Patrone said he would consult the county engineer’s office which is responsible for the bridge.

Patrone suggested the company post a bond for any damage and explained the company had already video-taped the road.

“They’re hoping to be done by next July (2014),” he said, “in and out within a year.”

Councilwoman Doris Ogle asked about personal property like mailboxes along the route being covered against damage.

Patrone said he expected the traffic to be heavy equipment adding a bond would have language covering road damage and covering mailboxes.

Ogle wondered if the village had an choice in the matter and Patrone said they can’t prevent them from using public road.

Cresanto said, “If they break it, they’ll fix it.”

Ogle said, “I want to see them get under the railroad tracks.”

No action was taken and Patrone said, “I wanted to make you aware of it.”

In other business, council voted to bid out the fire department’s 1995 Ford ambulance after Fire Chief Dave Van Pelt said the new ambulance was expected to be picked up on June 17.

The current ambulance has 50,500 miles on the Ford 350 chassis that is powered by a 7.3-liter turbo-diesel and automatic transmission with a Braun mini-mod box.

Van Pelt said, “I don’t think you’ll have a problem selling it.” There is a reserve on the vehicle.

Council also approved a measure to charge $75 for lift assists when the department is requested to respond.

Van Pelt said the department is one of the few that doesn’t charge.

“We go out a quite a lot on non-emergency lift assists,” he said while noting the EMTs still get paid whether they assist or not.

He added they respond repeatedly to the same addresses and charging a fee will help eliminate repeat calls. Council approved the measure with a 5-0-1 vote with Cresanto, a member of the fire department, abstaining.

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