Perry trustees set hearings on fence, political sign rules

PERRY TWP. – Perry Township Trustees will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. June 24 regarding two proposed changes to the zoning code, one dealing with political signs and one dealing with fences.

The hearing date was set when trustees held their regular meeting Monday night. Trustee Don Kendrick explained after the meeting that according to current zoning, political signs can’t be put up in the township more than 30 days prior to an election.

They want to increase the amount of time to 60 days prior to an election, meaning politicial signs will be up longer, but Kendrick said part of the reason for the change is early voting in Ohio. People are voting before signs are even put out in the township.

The change dealing with fences is to correct what he described as a misprint in the zoning book. The rule for installing a fence calls for it to be placed at least 1 foot inside the property line on a property. Kendrick said it does not say that in the zoning book for 1A and people have been placing fences right on property lines.

In other business, Shamrock Arbor Drive residents Bill and Zachary Tungate asked trustees about getting the speed limit reduced on their street. Police Chief Mike Emigh explained that the current speed limit there is 55 mph and a survey would need to be done and 80 percent of the residents there would need to sign a petition to present to the trustees that the trustees could use to go to Columbiana County officials to request a speed limit reduction.

Emigh estimated the survey could cost more than $500 and based on the number of houses on the street, the fact that it’s a cul-de-sac, with only one way in and one way out. he didn’t consider the odds very good that a request would be approved by the county.

The township can’t just put speed limit signs up without getting approval. He said they could put up a caution sign for children at play. Emigh said he would check with the county engineer’s office to see what they would need to do regarding the speed limit.

South Lincoln Avenue resident Louis Grande asked trustees what they were going to do about the dogs next door to his house at the Humane Society of Columbiana County, complaining about the barking and the smell.

Emigh noted that he was told the court case filed over the barking dogs was settled and upgrades were made to satisfy everyone per an agreement between the attorneys. Grande said his attorney would not give him a copy of the agreement and that he would have to go to the prosecutor for a copy of it. He claimed the judge never signed anything.

According to county Municipal Court records, a criminal case over barking dogs was filed against the Humane Society of Columbiana County in 2011 based on several complaints filed by Grande. Both a special prosecutor and a judge from another county were assigned to handle the case.

The online court records said the case was dismissed by the judge in December 2011 after the prosecution filed a motion to dismiss based on “substantial improvements and remedies completed and contracted to be completed by the Humane Society.”

Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix said he didn’t know what the township could do about it until they see a copy of the agreement.

In another matter, Kendrick said he would check with the prosecutor’s office on whether they could participate in an auction coming up at the Roger’s Auction on July 17. Road Supervisor Darreck Ferrell told them another township advised him all townships and municipalities were invited to bring items for the auction.

Kendrick thought that might be a good spot to take the old fire truck which was just replaced. Mix said they would check with the fire department to see if there was anything they wanted to auction off.

Trustee Don Rudibaugh offered thanks to the voters in the township for supporting the safety forces levy renewal last week, with both Mix and Kendrick echoing that sentiment.

Kendrick said a home on Apple Street with high grass is now under the care of a mortgage company and he said he was told they would be taking care of the situation.

No meeting will be held on Memorial Day, May 27. The next meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. June 10.

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