Salem ALDI grocery closes for remodeling

SALEM – The Salem ALDI store closed Monday and will reopen June 3 after the grocery store is renovated.

Corey Stucker, the Hinckley division vice president for ALDI, said the company will be “pleased to showcase the new look of ALDI with this updated store in Salem and continue to help customers stretch their dollars.”

Work began on the store, located at 2495 E. State St., a couple of weeks ago.

The new look, made with environmentally-friendly recycled building materials, and energy-saving refrigeration and light bulbs, will include higher ceilings, improved natural lighting and a simple, easy-to-navigate shopping experience.

Spokeswoman Arwa Luqman said the 10,000 square foot retail space footprint will be unchanged while offering eight-foot wide, uncluttered aisles and spacious checkout areas.

She was unsure if the improvements will lead to additional staffing but provided a link for interested job seekers to apply at:

A typical ALDI store employees 15-20 people, she said.

Stucker said, “As important as price is, there’s only one way to attract and keep shoppers: You have to have quality products.

“When people try our ALDI exclusive brands, they are excited by the savings and impressed by the quality.”

The ALDI business model reduces overhead costs with a smaller store footprints and open carton displays. ALDI’s also offers smart practices, such as a cart rental system through which shoppers insert a quarter to release a cart and receive the quarter back upon the cart’s return and encouraging customers to bring their own shopping bags.

ALDI also saves shoppers money by keeping stores open during prime shopping times and accepts cash, debit and EBT cards.

When the store re-opens in June, it will continue offering shoppers smarter alternatives as a “select assortment discount grocer ” that is also known for its premium ALDI exclusive brands.

ALDI says it challenges customers to switch from national brands to its exclusive brands and save up to 50 percent on more than 1,400 items the store carries.

To ensure its exclusive brands meet or exceed the national brands on taste and quality, the company says it conducts rigorous testing on all products and stands behind its quality with a double-guarantee to replace the product and refund the money if a customer is not 100 percent satisfied with a food product for any reason.

To celebrate the re-opening on June 3 the public is invited to sample ALDI exclusive brands, tour the store and enter an on-site sweepstakes for a chance to win ALDI gift certificates.

The Salem store will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

ALDI has more than 1,200 U.S. stores in 32 states. Over the last several years, ALDI has added approximately 50-80 new stores each year, expanding its ability to bring grocery savings to more people every day. It is a grocery retailer that has grown without merger or acquisition.

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