Work on Chesapeake’s Mangus wells beginning

SALEM – Work has begun on the oil and gas wells that will be in Salem’s backyard – the closest to the city limits so far.

Chesapeake Exploration LLC owns the rights to drill six wells, known as the Mangus wells, on Butcher Road and earth-moving equipment to build the access road running across the property to the wellpad is pressing ahead.

That access road is on private property but the real work will begin when Egypt Road and Butcher Road, under road use management agreements in two townships, are paved prior to heavy equipment moving in.

The site is in Salem Township with access on Egypt Road from state Route 14 through a portion of Green Township.

Last month, both townships approved RUMAs with Chesapeake Exploration.

Chesapeake’s RUMA with Green Township is on a four-tenths of a mile section of Egypt Road from state Route 14 and was approved pending a $100,000 bond.

The combined distance for the RUMAs from Route 14 to the well site, in the 37000 block of Butcher Road, is approximately 1.5 miles.

The roads are tentatively scheduled for resurfacing in June with the first well-hole drilling set for July.

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