Funding is roadblock for street program

SALEM – City Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst released the street paving program list for this year, noting it’s smaller than last year’s list, largely due to funding availability.

Most of the money will come from the capital improvement fund and a small portion, $63,500, will come from Community Development Block Grant funding.

Streets on the list include:

– Wilson Street, from Newgarden Avenue to Broadway Avenue (roughly two blocks)

– North Madison Avenue, 250 feet north to East State Street

– East Fourth Street, from North Lincoln Avenue to Hawley Avenue

– East Fifth Street, from North Lincoln Avenue to Hawley Avenue

– East Sixth Street, from North Lincoln Avenue to Hawley Avenue

– Superior Avenue, from North Lincoln Avenue to the Waterworth Memorial Park entrance.

“They’re the worst based on how much time and money we put into repairing those streets and all the travel on them,” Kenst said.

He said he’s hoping to have the paving project scheduled for bids before the end of July, with the work starting in August and September. The cost will depend on the bids.

Last year they were able to do a lot of streets because there was more money available in the capital improvements fund. They had to commit part of this year’s money to a project next year when the Ohio Department of Transportation will be repaving some of the state routes that come through Salem, to pay for Salem’s portion of the cost.

Kenst said for now they’ll have to get by on some streets without paving. He said the patch they’ve been using is a high quality product and the new roller they have has features to help the patch material stay better.