Humane Society’s neighbors complain once again

PERRY TWP. – Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix asked Police Chief Mike Emigh to talk with the Columbiana County prosecutor’s office to find out if anything can be done about barking dogs at the Humane Society of Columbiana County.

Louis and Louise Grande, whose property is next to the humane society facility on South Lincoln Avenue, approached trustees with some of the same complaints they’ve had the past several years regarding the noise and smell.

“I want to file a complaint for the noise, nuisance and smell,” Louise said.

The Grandes had already filed a complaint a few years ago in county Municipal Court for barking dogs, with a visiting judge assigned to the case, which was eventually dismissed due to some sort of agreement between the prosecution and the attorney representing the humane society on actions to fix the problem.

“We’re still having trouble with those dogs,” she said.

She claimed another facility was fined and questioned why the humane society couldn’t be fined. While talking to trustees, she played a tape recording she made which she claimed was the dogs barking at the humane society, something which she said occurs in the morning, the afternoon and the evening.

“We got screwed over by our attorneys,” she said, referring to the dismissal of the previous case they filed.

Emigh said if they file a complaint, they’ll be back to square one. At the last meeting, he said he wasn’t sure how the agreement from the last case would affect any new complaints. He noted that the judges would probably recuse themselves again, along with the prosecutors.

Louise noted, as she’s done before, how the wife of a judge works at the facility and said “I still say that’s our big problem.”

Jenny Pike, the wife of Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike, is president of the HSCC.

Louise said they don’t want to keep calling police because she said they have more important matters to handle. When asked if they called the humane society, she said she will not call there due to a previous incident when she called Pike in the wee hours of the morning and claimed she was told a harassment charge would be filed if she called again.

Emigh said his biggest concern was that there was an agreement made.

Mix said all the trustees can do is find out from the prosecutor’s office if they can refile charges.

“We’ve been here 50 some years and never had any trouble,” Louis Grande said.

In other business, Benton Road resident Cora Oana asked if anything was being done about a neighboring property, saying it was a mess. The house had been taken down, but she said nothing’s been done to the ground

Trustee Don Kendrick, the zoning officer, said he would check with realtor Bruce Capel about the property. He reported eight zoning permits had been issued this month.

The trustees, led by Trustee Don Rudibaugh, offered their thanks to township road worker Dennis Hippely, who submitted his letter of retirement after more than 27 years service.

The next trustees meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. July 22. The trustees had already decided earlier this month to cancel their July 8 meeting.