Mangus well flared-off

Chesapeake Exploration’s Mangus well on Butcher Road was flared-off Sunday after reaching a depth of 800 feet. The rigworkers burn the gas off to prevent it from accumulating and causing an explosion. According to the Ohio EPA flaring is the controlled burning of natural gas and a common practice in oil/gas exploration, production and processing operations. The flares generate heat and noise and their size and brightness are related to the type and amount of gas or liquids. Because natural gas is valuable, companies would rather capture rather than flare it. However, there are several reasons why it may be necessary to flare gas during drilling, production or processing. The Chesapeake-owned Nomac 43 rig (pictured) is drilling the hole at the Mangus wellsite in the 37000 block of Butcher Road. The down-rigging in Carroll County to the up-rigging on Butcher Road took approximately a day and a half. (Salem News Photo by Larry Shields)