Officials open sewer plant bids

City officials opened bids for the Phase I wastewater treatment plant improvement project Thursday, with most of the proposals below the engineer’s estimated construction cost.

“I think there are some good decent bids,” Utilities Superintendent Don Weingart said.

Zach Held, a project engineer/project manager for Burgess & Niple, the engineering firm overseeing the project, said the apparent low bid would be a combination of an electrical bid by Enertech Electrical of Lowellville and a general contract bid (without electrical) by Kirk Bros. Inc. of Alvada.

Companies could submit bids for electrical alone, general alone or a complete contract encompassing both general and electrical.

Kirk Bros. submitted a complete contract for $2,767,000 and an option without electrical totaling $2,273,000, which were the low bids for both categories. Enertech submitted a bid of $447,400, which was the lowest for electrical.

According to Held, the Enertech bid added to the Kirk Bros. bid for the general only would equal $2,720,400, which would make it the lowest bid for the total project. He said they would have to meet all the criteria set by the engineering firm, which had estimated the cost of the project at $3.3 million.

Other single bids for electrical included: Abbott Electric of Canton, $475,446; Zenith of Bedford Heights, $560,589; and Joe Dickey Electric of North Lima, $482,200. Other bids for the general contract alone (without electrical) included: A.P. O’Horo of Youngstown, $2,442,360; Cold Harbor Bldg Company of Chardon, $3,097,000; and Jack Gibson Construction of Warren, $2,369,000. Other bids for the complete project included: A.P. O’Horo of Youngstown, $2,925,430; ABC Piping Co. of Brooklyn Heights, $3,413,000; and Jack Gibson Construction of Warren, $2,875,000.

Weingart said the apparent low bid “looks like a pretty good price,” adding the Utilities Commission should be happy with that. Assistant Superintendent Matt Hoopes said all the bidders are quality firms.

The bids will be analyzed by Burgess & Niple representatives who will then return a recommendation to the commission for the award. The commission meets at 3 p.m. Tuesday and is expected to award the contract or contracts for the project at that meeting.

Weingart said the engineer will evaluate the bids based on the price, the equipment supplied, whether specifications were met and the firm’s reputation. Construction could begin in mid-July. Phase I is part of a multi-phase project with an ultimate goal of decreasing the amount of phosphorous in the final discharge from the wastewater treatment plant and improve the handling of solids throughout the plant.

Phase I is expected to improve the removal of solids and improve suspended solids compliance issues at the plant, which is located on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some of the work includes replacing the mechanisms of the three final clarifiers, raising the water level by a foot to add more capacity for better settling, adding a sludge thickening building to house two sludge thickeners, modifying the blower building which includes ventilation to bring it up to standards and interior and exterior piping modifications.

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