Perry zoning rule changes move forward

PERRY TWP. – Trustees have to wait 30 days before they can take action on two zoning rule changes, one to allow political signs to be posted earlier and one to fix an omission regarding fences in the R1A residential zoned area.

Trustees hosted a public hearing Monday night regarding both changes, only hearing opposition to the political sign rule, which would allow signs to be put out 60 days before an election instead of limiting it to 30 days.

Trustee Don Kendrick, who also serves as the township zoning officer, explained that with early voting, people were voting before candidates were allowed to put their signs out.

Henry Spack, a member of the township zoning board, said he didn’t think the time should be extended, saying he didn’t think they should be allowed to put them up at all. He said if people are so anxious to vote early, they should know about who they’re voting for.

“I’m not in favor of cluttering up the whole township with signs,” he said.

Kendrick said he doesn’t like the signs either, but a candidate has to be able to post signs when they’re running for office.

For the fences, he explained that the rule is a fence can’t be placed any closer than 1 foot from the property line and be no higher than 6 feet tall. He said that’s not stated in the zoning book for the zoning area known as R1A, even though it says it in the other areas.

“I think this was a typographical error. We want it to read the same,” he said.

Spack asked if that should be run by the prosecutor, but Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix said it’s part of the Ohio Revised Code.

A joint meeting of the township zoning board and the board of zoning appeals will be held to go over the zoning book before it’s updated to reflect any recent changes. The trustees estimated seven or eight changes that would have to be made. The book was last printed in 1997. No date has been set for the meeting.

Trustees will vote in August on the two zoning changes discussed during the public hearing. Anyone who wants to submit written comment regarding the proposed changes on political signs and fences can write to the Perry Township Trustees, P.O. Box 112, Salem, Ohio 44460.