South Range reviewing cafeteria results

BEAVER TOWNSHIP- South Range Local schools will be reviewing the cafeteria budget from the past school year.

Kelly Fullum, food service director with Nutrition Group which operates the school’s cafeteria, told the school board Monday night that funds and participation are not where the company would like them to be after its first year at the school.

Schools Superintendent Dennis Dunham said the school has a stop-loss agreement with the company which provides a bail-out option if the cafeteria is losing money. He said the administration will be meeting with the company this week to discuss statistics from the past year.

Fullum told the school board that the numbers were low at the beginning of the year, but that state and federal guidelines for breads and proteins were relaxed mid-year, making it possible to offer a wider variety of food, such as the deli bar in which students and staff were able to make meals their way.

“It enabled [the Nutrition Group] to do a better job in getting kids what they want to eat,” she explained.

Fullum expressed hope that the looser guidelines will help improve participation in the next couple years. She said that she is developing new concepts, particularly at the elementary level, to make students more aware of what is available and to promote participation.

Dunham commended Fullum for her efforts this past year, noting her cooperation with the school and commitment to providing healthy eating choices.

“She’s communicated with us from day one,” he said. “It’s a tough business, making [the food] attractive for kids, making a variety of good-tasting food.”

Dunham noted that the main issue has been student awareness. “Quality, quantity and taste has not been an issue throughout the year,” he said. “We’ve tried many, many things in making kids aware of choices.”

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