Work starts today on roads to Mangus well site

FRANKLIN SQUARE -After meeting with Chesapeake Exploration LLC and its engineering company on Thursday, Salem Township Trustee Chairman Ray Heddleson said equipment will be moving to upgrade Egypt and Butcher roads today.

Chesapeake Exploration LLC owns the rights to drill six wells in the 37000 block of Butcher Road and access to the site, located in Salem Township, requires use of Egypt Road from state Route 14 in Green Township.

Both Green and Salem townships approved road use management agreements (RUMAs) with Chesapeake in April.

The Green Township RUMA is on a four-tenths of a mile section of Egypt Road from state Route 14 and was approved pending a $100,000 bond. That section of Green Township road ends and Salem Township’s begins right about where the spring water fill-up station is located.

The combined distance for the RUMAs from Route 14 to the well-site is approximately 1.5 miles.

Salem Township trustees are concerned about the tight left-hand turn from Egypt Road onto Butcher Road and Heddleson said most of the meeting focused on that.

He said work will start Monday with 190 feet of 18-inch drainage pipe and a catch basin on the south-side of the road, across from Egypt Road right at the intersection.

“They’ll fill it in after the pipe,” he explained, “so they drive over the top of it to make the turn.”

Then, they’ll begin “fixing it up,” he said since the drilling rig itself is expected at week’s end. Once the pipe is laid in “there’s a lot of tree trimming and some low wires in there,” he said.

“We went over the prints, we were concerned about the left (turn) off Egypt,” Heddleson said, explaining the road triangulates the whole intersection will be widened. “Butcher will be at least five feet wider,” he said.

Asked about the elevation, Heddleson said, “They have to grind, they can’t build up. Butcher will probably be three inches higher when it’s done.”