Crestview Boosters seeking volunteers

NEW WATERFORD – Crestview Athletic Boosters’ president Michelle Crawford asked school board members for suggestions on how to encourage more volunteers to help in concession stands throughout the upcoming year.

Crawford said a lot of the parents do not want to work or offer the group $20 instead of having a shift at a game. A lot of students sometimes volunteer, but there needs to be parents to help in the concessions as well.

Last year, Crawford said they even tried assigning parents to help, but often people just did not show up.

The problem is not just covering five nights in the fall. For football, there are the five home games for varsity, but on other nights there are junior varsity and freshman games also. Ideally, Crawford said parents whose students are freshman or junior varsity players could help at the varsity games on Friday allowing the parents whose teens are playing to watch the varsity game. Then the parents of varsity players could help on Thursday night or Saturday when the other teams are playing.

Board member Dan Simmons said when he was in that situation he learned the parents of basketball players can work football concessions and vice versa.

One of the problems discussed are the splinter organizations which started through the years, parent groups which support only the sport their teen participates in.

Board member Dr. Edward Miller suggested assigning games and telling parents if they cannot work it, they need to find a replacement to cover their shift. Other suggestions included placing an article in the Informagram.

“They don’t look at things for the good of the whole,” said board member James Weikart. “They look at what’s best for them.”

Superintendent John Dilling said the issue is the same at other schools. He believes the key to getting the organizations to work together is making sure each sport feels it is being treated fairly with the money going to all of them.

Crawford said last year $10,000 was spent on the student athletes from the Athletic Boosters fund. It was used to