Dumpsters to be used in cleanup

COLUMBIANA The city is joining 21 other communities being helped this year by the Tri-County Solid Waste District for annual cleanup efforts.

City Manager Lance Willard said Tuesday the district is making two 40-yard dumpsters available at no cost for the city’s annual cleanup Aug. 5-9.

In the past the local cleanup has consisted of curbside pickup by city employees. The refuse was then hauled away by the city, with employees logging around 600 miles and 720 hours to do so.

With the dumpsters available, City Council approved changing this year’s program to include curbside pickup of three large items, with residents encouraged to take remaining refuse to the dumpsters.

Curbside pickup will occur in phases over four days, with the city divided into four quadrants. Once the city has picked up refuse for that quadrant it will not return, and anyone missing the pickup should take their garbage to the dumpsters which will be located in Firestone Park.

Before approving the change council members discussed other options, including not doing curbside pickup at all.

Councilman Lowell Schloneger was against discontinuing that service.

“We’ve offered these services for years, and people love them You’d still be saving $12,000 and you could pave another street,” he said of limiting curbside collection of large items and encouraging residents to use the dumpsters. He described large items as those that cannot fit into the trunk of a car.

Willard said televisions and tires can be disposed of in the dumpsters.

Council members agreed changing the program would be a cost-savings to the city.

Street Superintendent Jesse Wilson said the city hauled 70 loads of trash last year, and Willard said the city spent $17,374 on curbside pickup then. He estimated the new program will cost somewhere around $9,000.

In addition to the two dumpsters, the waste district will haul the garbage away at no cost, saving the city tipping fees, fuel and man-power.

The dumpsters will be near the swimming pool in the park and any additional dumpsters and hauling will be made available by the district at a reduced cost, Willard said.

The dumpsters will be supervised by city employees and only those able to provide photo identification of their residency will be allowed to dispose of their garbage.

The street, park and other department superintendents attended the meeting and were also in agreement regarding the change.